Monday, February 14, 2011

My family now

So I realize that it has been a while so here is an update as far as I know.

Tomorrow Andy will sign on the dotted line and be part of the army. The job he has chosen to do with them is operation specialist. He will be at boot camp in Oklahoma for two months and then do additional training in Texas for another four months. He doesn't leave until August. I find I am not taking the news very well. I should also know more tomorrow when he gets home.

Avah has turned four and is super excited to start school. I'm looking into preschools and hope I get her into one soon. I am not a good teacher. I get frustrated way too easily.
Sarah turns two at the end of march. She is most definitely in her terrible twos stage. She loves books and if she had it her way I'd be reading to her all day without any breaks.

I'm thinking of selling my stuff on Etsy. I think that if I move around a lot with Andy I will need some way of unloading the stuff I make. I should have at least one more onion days before we go anywhere, so hopefully I will do well at it this year.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Onion Days.

Just thought I would brag about how well I did at onion days...I did SO good I more than doubled what I made last year! My soda pop can jewelry was the biggest seller and I had no problem stealing peoples cans as they walked by. I also sold a lot of my kid stuff ( rings and bracelets mostly). It was awesome. Jessica's did really well for her first time. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of anything like I should have. I am working on putting instructions for the soda can jewelry on Ruth's crafting blog that she SO nicely let me be a part of. It might take a while though, I have just received about two yard size garbage bags full of cans that I need to clean(thanks Kristi!). I also have a ton of other ideas to try out that I am SO excited about(after I post instructions of course). All my left over soda can jewelry is now at Gitalia Boutique. If you can you should really check the boutique out. It has so much cute stuff whenever I make money there I almost always never come out with it. It is by the purple turtle in the parking lot that the dominoes used to be in. It is really worth checking out. I promise.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Tana!!!

Tana is a girl from work(the red head in the blue dress). Her family wasn't going to do anything for her birthday, so I decided that I needed some Princess Party throwing practice. Tana and her friends came dressed as princesses and I dressed Avah up as belle. Avah had a ton of fun talking to Snow White. We had dinner outside, broke open a castle shaped pinata, and then went inside to watch a princess movie, and eat cake.
I think It went pretty good. I thought dinner tasted great. I made chicken Alfredo, salad, and garlic bread. The only problem we had with the pinata is all the candy I now have left over.
This is the fun cake I made. It looks a lot better than it tasted. There was just too much frosting and candy. If you ate a big piece you would definitely get sick. It was a lot of fun though, and great practice for when I let Avah have a party.
(I really hope Tana had fun as it was all for her. She is such a sweet and funny girl.)
Oh by the way Andy is going to join the Army. He needs to do some college to be able to start where he wants to, but he will have that done in a semester. I'll blog more as it develops I'm sure.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Our 2010 trip to the Zoo

Hey, all, Andy here. Hope you like the updates to the blog. The old one reminded me of old people, (no offense) and I like the new design. And the name change of our blog to plain old Hilton Family cuz, lets face it, we aint ever gonna live at a chateau.

Anyway, so today we went to the zoo. I like the zoo. Especially when it's not crowded. We showed up almost right when it opened, around 9, and had a good time looking at monkeys, penguins, tigers, and the baby elephant. We even went to the bird show they have and Avah really liked the big hawks flying right over people's heads. The birds grazed peoples hair and they were only a few feet from where we were sitting, so not too close to freak out the kids, but close enough to see really well.

Of course, no trip is complete without a ride on the carousel. They went twice. I was gonna let Avah go three times and Sarah just one, but it's so much easier to have em both on at the same time. (plus favoritism issues) I snuck some pictures of Rachel too. (rather forced her to pose) She was a good sport, so I didn't torment her too much. We left around noon, (it was getting hot) and Sarah was out like a light as soon as we started driving home. It was a lot of fun.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally a Post!

Yes it has been a very long time since I posted something, so on this random night that I could not sleep I thought, "hey I should finally post something.". Please be aware that it is one o'clock in the morning so if I don't make sense at any point blame it on that.
So updates: my friend that had me make her wedding jewelry picked out a simple chain of small pearls, crystals, and rose quarts, and had me put a pendant on it. Unfortunately out of the four necklaces I made it was the only one I didn't take a picture of. However she did say that she would try to get me one, and if she remembers I will post it.
Avah turned 3 on January 14th. She had tons of fun opening presents, eating cake and telling everyone "Happy Birthday!!" We started to potty train her last week and after the first couple of days she did really good. But this morning, just kidding yesterday morning, she insisted to be put in a diaper. so I did but I still kept asking her if she need to go. her most common answers were, "no, mommy, I done." or " Its stuck, mommy." She got candy land for Christmas and alphabet flashcards for her birthday which have both become her favorite games to play. In case you are wondering the flashcard game is me asking her what the letter is and getting really excited when she gets it right.
Sarah is getting really big really fast. at 8 months she was only eight pounds lighter than Avah. She is allot more adventurous than Avah was and gets into trouble the second you take your eyes of her. She took her first couple of steps yesterday. I have also discovered how adorable she looks with a half Mohawk thing.
Well I hate to abruptly end this exciting post but, I am falling asleep at the computer now. hopefully it wont take me so long to post again. I might even have pictures next time. keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I am compleatly freaking out!

A friend at work has asked me to make her wedding jewelry and I am sooo panicked! She gave me a bracelet to base the designs off of, and so far I've made three of my ideas. I have also got two more ideas waiting to be made. The problem is that I keep freaking out with thoughts like, what if she doesn't like any of them, or what if she says she likes them but doesn't really and wears it so she doesn't hurt my feelings. I am so panicked I can't think of anything else. I really want this to go good. Cross your fingers that she'll fall in love with something I do.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween week

We started the week off by carving pumpkins. We lit them up every night to scare away any ghosts that were out there. We then spent the rest of the week planing what we were going to do on Halloween day.(I know exciting)
Then the day came!

We dressed Avah as a clown and Sarah as the devil she is(j/k). Andy was batman again and I was just a fairy. When I got home form work we went to the trunk-or-treat. Avah had a ton of fun and got just as much candy. We then went home made homemade pizza and watched the Nightmare Before Christmas. Avah, who was allowed to eat as much candy as she wanted after her dinner, was the only one who stayed awake through the entire movie. All-in-all a good Halloween. (don't worry the as much candy as she wanted was a one time thing. I don't want her to have another sugar rush like that.)